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I’m thinking about running Lamentations of the Flame Princess using Robert E. Howards Hyborean Age as the campaign setting. After looking over, and finding inspiration in, Antonio Eleuteri’s Hyborean Age for ADnD, this is what I’ve come up with.

The class system has to be modified to fit with setting;

  • There are only 3 classes. Fighter, Magic-User, and Specialist.
  • Fighters and Specialists are unchanged.
  • Magic-Users have access to Magic and Cleric spell lists. I may have to alter those lists; removing spells that just don’t have the flavor of the setting.

Healing potions and the laying on of hands don’t really occur in Howard’s writing. Characters get the shit knocked out of them and either die or live to fight some more. So, here is new rules for healing and Hit Points.

  • All characters heal 1 Hit Point per day, regardless of rest. Characters cannot go below 0 Hit Points. If damage causes them to go to 0 or less Hit Points, the player must roll on the Critical Damage table.
  • Strong wine, mead, or other spirit will grant a wounded character the return of a single Hit Point. Only 1 HP, no matter how much they drink.

Nationality and ethnic origin play a large role in the Hyborean Age. Where your character is from can grant certain privileges and penalties.

  • Cimmerian, Venir and Asgardian: plus 1 to Armor Class.
  • Aquilonean and Nemedian: 3 points to spend in either Architecture, Languages, or Tinkering.
  • Argosean and Zingaran: 3 points to spend in either Climbing, Languages, or Tinkering.
  • Hyrkanian and Turanian: plus 1 to hit and damage with short bow.
  • Hyperborean, Stygian, and Vendhyan: Cast spells one level higher than normal.
  • Shemite: 3 points to spend in either Languages, Search, or Sleight of Hand.
  • Zomorian: 3 points to spend in either Climbing, Open Doors, and Search.

Weapons and armor function as normal with the following changes.

  • Long bow is called a Bossonian or Stygian bow.
  • Short bow is called a Shemite or Hyrkanian bow.
  • Heavy crossbows are called arbalests.
  • Scimitar is called a Tulwar.
  • Dagger is called Poniard.
  • Broadsword is called Zhaibar Knife

Magical items are rare, while magical weapons and armor are practically non-existent. Players should not expect to acquire magical items, and when they do, the item is probably cursed in some way.

Transportation ranges from riding horses or camels, to ox-carts. Horse-drawn carriages and wagons do not exist. Ships range from rowboats to galleys and are not designed for leaving sight of land.

Money is in the form of the Aquilonian Luna. Lunas come in Bronze, Silver, and Gold and are the exact equivalents of LotFP standards. There may be in-game instances of currencies needing to be exchanged to some other form, but this works for now.

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