Barbarian Generator

This is a series of tables to quickly roll up NPC barbarians.

I took the tables from the Quick Viking Generator found here:

1: Spear
2: Spear
3: Spear – long blade with runes hanging off it
4: Halberd
5: Axe
5: Axe
6: Axe – ornate runic etchings
7: Battle Axe
8: Sword
9: Has two battle wolves barely restrained on a chains
10: Steel bear claws that are totally bitchin

Armour (all wear metal or leather helms .. horns are not required but probably awesome):
1: Just pants
2: Just pants and shield
3: Clothing and shield
4: Quilted cloth and shield
5: Quilted cloth and spiked shield with skull motif
6: Leather and shield
7: Chain shirt and shield
8: Chain shirt and shield made out of scales (metal or dragon or something cool)
9: Chainmail and shield
10: Chainmail and shield – wicked looking animal skull helm

Distinctive features:
1: Massively muscled warrior
2: Frothing at the mouth styled berserker
3: Missing eye and with massive scar
4: A wide belt with skull(s) on it (wolf, bear, cool creature, human, whatever is good)
5: Bear pelt with awesome bear head hat
6: Horrific\Rocking tattoos
7: Massive beard with bones in it
8: Nearly 2.5m (8 feet) tall and super strong looking
9: Carrying the severed head of a necromancer (that still talks and advises him)
10: Rides a bear

Barbarian Generator

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